Gulet Yacht Caner 4

Now to our thank you.  The Caner IV was everything you promised and more.  The day we sat in your office and heard the glowing remarks you read from the email of the gentleman from Singapore I couldn't believe that it was possible to exceed his experiences.  BUT, Caner IV surpassed anything I dreamed as a possibility.  The boat was luxurious but comfortable and the food was excellent, especially considering the small kitchen in which the chef made his magic. Keeping in mind our *very* high standards, this praise shouldn't be taken lightly.But, perhaps the most influential of all was the crew.  You told us that they were terrific, and now that I have experienced the commraderie of the Caner IV's Captain Sadetin, his first mate Sonnar, the recently hired Ebro, the chef and the two very capable women staff, I am spoiled forever.  We gave our thanks to the crew in the form of a generous tip, however, I would appreciate it if you could forward this note to Captain Sadetin and ask him to share it with his outstanding staff.

Once again, sincerest congratulations on your son....I do hope that he and your wife are well.  Last, thanks for sharing this with the captain. (I am also sending you in a separate email a slideshow of our time on the Caner IV).  Feel free to use it and my comments above on your website to promote yourself and the Caner IV.  Also, anything that I can do to further promote your business, please feel free to call on me for a reference to potential clients.

THANK YOU, Fatih! 
All the best,  


Gulet Yacht Caner 4

Dear Fatih, Even though we're now back at work in Hong Kong, we have fantastic memories of our week cruising the Turkish coast on board the magnificent Caner IV. The four of us agree it's the best holiday we've ever had. We were certainly fortunate with the weather, but the whole week was made all the more memorable by the exceptional crew.

The captain understood what we wanted from the very beginning, and then all six of them delivered the perfect experience in every respect - from the beautiful and unique locations we visited, the excellent service we received, the outstanding meals and refreshments, the discreet but friendly level of crew interaction, to the daily housekeeping and the high quality maintenance of all facilities. Nothing was too much trouble, and they didn't miss a thing throughout the whole week. Great value for money, and proof that you get what you pay for.

We're already be looking to do another cruise next year. Lastly, we'd like to thank you for connecting us with Caner IV and its fabulous crew. You've been great throughout, from the time of our first enquiry right through to our farewell over lunch. Please feel free to use this message as a testimonial from some very satisfied customers.

Best wishes, Peter A Smyth.